Post Workout Glow

Aaaand, done!” Tom cheered, out of breath as he fell back onto the gym floor. It was unreal, he had just finished an intense workout and he still felt like he had more energy than he had ever had in his old body. The Great Shift had swapped him into the body of Savannah, his gym rat neighbor, over a month ago and he still found it hard to believe how good her body felt with a post-workout glow. She had begged him to keep up her exercises in case they ever found a way to swap back, something he had resisted until she suggested they work out together. After watching her push his old body to its limits, he agreed to let her walk him through her routine. 

It only took one workout to get him hooked. Far from the sweaty mess he remembered, working out in her body was exhilarating. Moving with ease in her slim body, feeling her ponytail beating rhythmically on his exposed back, even the sweat dripping down into his new cleavage all reminded him that he was now fitter and hotter as Savannah than he had ever been as a man. Plus, the skintight matching workout sets she had given him didn’t hurt either. Savannah had neglected to tell him how worked up an hour or two of exercise could get her body, and judging by how it reacted to the sight of the other gym goers, she definitely had a type. Tom looked over to his left, smiling at the guy at the squat rack that he had been stealing glances at all day. Maybe he had left a little extra left in the tank for some post-workout cardio, he thought as he noticed the man wink back at him.


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