Living as the girl next door

“This is so wrong…” Sam thought as he slowly worked through making a tinder account in his neighbor’s body, but he had to admit just the thought of it was already turning him on quite a bit. 

A freak electrical storm a few nights before had somehow swapped his consciousness into Courtney, the single woman living next door  and sent her mind into his teenage body. They had been meeting up in secret for days to recreate the swap again with no luck, and after the last failed attempt the two had finally agreed to give it a rest while they looked for more options. The one thing they had agreed on before splitting up was to not tell anyone about the swap just yet - babbling about storms and body swaps was more likely to get them sent to a psych ward than back to their own bodies.

All this meant for Sam was that for the time being, he had to live life completely as Courtney Thompson, the woman he had been sneaking glances at every chance he got ever since she moved in next door. He had gone from only imagining what she was like to having unfettered access to every aspect of her life in a moment, a thought that still freaked him out. He did a quick rundown of what she had ended up sharing with him so he could handle her life while they found a way to swap back:

Age: 26. Publishing assistant. Two best friends, Cate and Amber, who he had to keep up text conversations with but not meet in person. Single, but one friend with benefits (Do not contact for any reason).

The last thought gave him pause. He had snuck a look at her text conversations with him, a guy from her job named Chris, and exited out quickly when he realized it was mostly half nude photos and thinly veiled sexual invitations, but not before seeing two pictures that stayed in his mind: The first was one sent by Courtney; a topless selfie, her manicured fingers squeezing one of her soft, full breasts. An invitation. Ten minutes later, Chris’s response. A selfie of him right out of the shower from the waist down, the last of his abs peeking out over the star of the show: his hand gripping the shaft of his long, thick cock, and a short message right after. “I’ll be over in 20.”

He could instantly feel why Courtney liked him, a feeling he hadn’t been able to get out of his mind since. He hadn’t told her of course, but even as he thought about it now, he felt a wet spot start to form in his panties. Laying alone on her bed, it was only a matter of time before his mind found its way back to that photo, and even less time before his his fingers found their way under his waistband, exploring his new pussy for the first time. 

Nothing could have prepared him for how much better masturbation felt as a woman. Jolts of pleasure ran through Courtney’s body as he caressed her clit, tentatively at first, but speeding up as he fell into a rhythm. He felt his heart rate rise, the soft gasp of Courtney’s moans growing louder as he found her sweet spot. A few minutes later, Sam experienced his first orgasm as a woman, waves of ecstasy rocking through him as he fell back on the bed, still glowing from the pleasure. It had felt better than anything he had done as a man, but as good as it was, he could feel his body urging him for more. Sam had been afraid to admit it before, but Courtney’s body had been telling him exactly what it wanted from the very beginning. The release he needed didn’t come from masturbation. If Sam wanted to fully experience the pleasure Courtney’s body was ready to give him, he needed to take it further. He needed to be fucked. Just the thought of it was riling his body back up to where it had been minutes before, this time imagining Chris’s cock going in and out of him. The waves of pleasure that each penetration would bring, pushing Courtney’s womanly body to its limits as he was pressed down onto her bed…

Courtney had told him to stay away from Chris, but she hadn’t said anything about other guys, right? He stared at her phone, realizing just how easy it would be to find someone to share his new body’s pleasure. If he downloaded tinder, he could probably invite someone over before the night was over. Sam bit his lip, imagining how real sex would feel. If just his fingers had made him feel that good, the thought of actual penetration sent a tingle of excitement down his spine. Besides, if they really did find a way to swap back, when would he ever have the chance to experience sex from the other side of the gender fence again? And if the swap was permanent like he was beginning to fear, it was a barrier he’d have to cross eventually, right? 

He paced over to Courtney’s closet nervously, looking past the oversized t-shirts and sweatpants she’d had him wear the past few days and to the clothes she’d pushed to the back of her closet, clearly hesitant to give him access to. Tight dresses that hugged her body, scooping necklines that showed off her generous cleavage, Sam picked through a few before settling on a sexy black dress that looked relatively simple to put on. Sliding the dress up his body, Sam pulled out Courtney’s phone for a selfie, brushing her platinum blonde hair out of his face to make sure his breasts were sitting just right and smiled as he realized the dress was showing off significantly more of his new cleavage than he had anticipated. Making a tinder account meant he’d need some good profile pics after all, but with a body like hers and a few more outfit changes, something told Sam he’d have no trouble finding someone to fuck tonight…

Let me know if you’d like a part 2, i had fun writing this one!


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