Holding out hope

A few months ago, Ethan had still been holding out hope that he could go back to his old life after all of this. Now, he held no such delusion. Even if he escaped his kidnappers, what kind of life would he come home to? he didn’t look anything like how he used to, the surgeons had made sure of that. The facial reconstructions, fat redistribution, and dozens of other procedures had all done exactly what they were supposed to and stripped him of any ounce of masculinity he might have had left in his body, and the constant hormone treatments had done the rest, slowly building him up into the woman they were clearly trying to make him into. He had resisted when he first woke up in his cell all those months ago. What drove him crazy was the why - He had just been on his way to class when the men had thrown him into their van, driving him off to the facility he’d been in ever since. No one had answered his demands, and after a while, he’d just stopped asking.

No one would mistake him for a man the way he looked now. He wasn’t just a woman now, he was absolutely gorgeous. Maybe it was the hormones they’d been giving him clouding his mind, but he was actually looking forward to his changes now. He remembered the day he woke up from his latest procedure, a soft set of breast implants that had tripled his cup size overnight. He had actually smiled when he squeezed them for the first time, imagining how good they’d look wrapped around someone’s cock. On second thought, it must be the hormones. Sex was the only thing he thought about now, overpowering his other instincts. His new body ached to be fucked, maybe some of the workers he saw outside his room could help him with that? He had heard one of them say that he was almost ready for the next phase of testing, hopefully that one would be a little more stimulating…


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