It’s not fair

It’s not fair. I had almost aged out, only days away from growing past the point where i’d be safe for good from Second Puberty. The sword that had been hanging over my head since i first hit puberty, the daily reminder that my masculinity could be stripped from me at any moment was so close to being gone for good. Then I felt it. Like an emptiness in the pit of my stomach. I didn’t know how, but i knew. I was becoming a woman.

The doctor called it a one in a million chance, being diagnosed this late. Rarer than winning the lottery. Lucky me. My prize was watching my body rebuild itself from the ground up, giving me the body I would have been born with as a girl. The first few weeks were the roughest, watching all the muscle and height i’d built up since i was thirteen slowly get stripped away from me. The women in my family were all short, and it looked like i’d be no exception to that rule. They were also all on the bustier side, something that sat with me uneasily as my cock slowly pulled back into me, pushing my body closer and closer towards its fate. 

It wasn’t all bad, though. At least I was going to be attractive, something i could tell once the changes spread to my face if my now pouty lips and soft, feminine eyes were anything to go off of. My body has started to take on its final form too, my wide hips and full butt complementing my feminine sex with every movement. My breasts were already straining against my new bra, begging to be let free. I’d only gotten it a few days ago and I already needed to size up. 

It’s emasculating, thinking about it. I was supposed to be getting ready for my classes right now, preparing for my future. But instead i’m trying on bras and underwear, trying to pretend i’m not getting turned on every time i brush up against my new body. It’s all I can think about some days, like the hormones flooding my body have pushed my sensitivity into overdrive. I had never even thought about having sex with a man before, but now, just the thought of it sets my new pussy on fire. The more i explore my new self, the more i realize just how good it feels to finally be a woman. Staying a man was never my fate, it was just a denial of nature’s plan. A denial that my body was thankfully now correcting. 


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