“God, did you steal my top again? I was gonna wear that out tonight!” Sophie yelled down the hall, noticing another piece gone from her already shrinking wardrobe. “Sorry!  the stuff i bought last week hasn’t fit since my boobs came in!” Felix called back, barely looking up from the selfie he was taking in his sister’s borrowed clothes. “Plus i fill this out way better than she ever did, but i can’t tell her that” he thought. 

Felix had moved into his older sister’s apartment for support after being diagnosed with second puberty, but it was quickly becoming apparent that the only “support” he needed was to fuel his growing fashion addiction. He had quickly outgrown the starter bra she gave him when he first moved in, and to her embarrassment, was now easily outstripping her in almost every department, including looks! Her younger brother, now sister, clearly enjoyed flaunting her new body around the house, a habit made worse by the fact that he openly flirted with Sophie’s guy friends whenever they came over.

“Whatever, just don’t do it again, i’m already late!” Sophie yelled back, clearly annoyed by his lackluster response. “I’ll be back tomorrow morning, don’t wait up!”

“Bye sis!” Felix called as he heard the door close. “And finally…” he thought to himself. Little did Sophie know, while she went out Felix had plans of his own: He had invited Jake, one of Sophie’s guy friends, over for a quick fuck as long as he agreed to stay quiet about it after, an offer Jake happily accepted.


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